Wellness Offerings 


Ayurvedic Consultation 

Initial Ayurvedic Consultation: Includes pulse analysis, complete physical assessment, dosha identification, diet and nutrition plan to maximize digestion and vibrancy, and reach your optimal weight. 

Followup Consultation:  Continues to fine tune your diet and lifestyle through deeper understanding of your dosha, working with chronic issues, and cultivating Ojas~ the glow of health and immunity.

Venus Reading

What kind of goddess are you?  We explore your Venus and moon signs in your chart, and connect with your unique expression of the goddess.  Learn how to invoke resonant goddesses in personalized practices and ritual~ this enhances your creativity, work, beauty, and love life.  We’ll work with your Venus and moon by sign, placement and transits to divine which aspect of Venus is emerging~ revealing who in the pantheon of goddess would be most in alignment with your highest self. We will invoke her in your ritual and call forth your divine feminine within.  This informs the creation of your altar or sacred space, where you can go deeper into self love.

Family Health Coaching 

Specializing in guiding mothers to create health and balance for their families.  This process includes working and cooking with one’s own ancestry, healing the family lineage, and using holistic healing remedies for growing children.  This work empowers mothers- single and coupled- to maintain the physical and emotional health of their families through Ayurvedic and astrological principles. 

AstroVeda Consultation 

Complete Ayurvedic diagnosis with astrological chart reading for transits as they apply to wellness, healing and transformation. Both sciences (Ayurveda and Astrology) reflect the fluctuation of elements in our beings and lives, and I act as a guide in creating balance in the waves. 

Blossoming Rose Reading

For women in transformation.  In these coaching sessions I serve as doula in the many transformational phases of womanhood~ becoming a mother, divorcing, coparenting, experiencing trauma, and embracing menopause.  

Harnessing the potent energy within these transformational moments can allow massive creative breakthroughs to be born.  We’ll support these activations with remedies from the earth and spirit to maximize the growth potential of your blossoming.  

Add Ons:

Personalized Ritual Cultivation ~ Together we create a unique empowering practice of self love and healing.  Considering your individual needs, based on your dosha and astrological transits, and any resulting imbalances, we will co-create ceremonial ways of using specific oils, herbs and plant essences to nourish oneself into wholeness.

Card Readingfrom the Tarot, Goddess, Ascended Masters, or Mana decks.  A spread can be added to illuminate any reading.